TonyToy HairSalon
At tony toy, each haircut is a unique experience. The competent staff will attend with professionalism and creativity to all your hair needs. Utilizing their long training and experience they provide designer styles and cuts for men, women and children ranging from casual to bridal and from classic to extreme. Using the most modern techniques and REDKEN products, they enhance your haircut with colors that will make you feel sensational. Combine also our nail services and complete a total refreshment of yourself! Colour Certified Salon by REDKEN Adamas, Milos 84800, Greece +302287024024
Akri Bar
AKRI Bar is an entertainment venue in Milos, situated at an elevated position overlooking the seaport of Adamas. Focusing on quality, it combines the traditional with modern minimalistic aesthetics. Guests can enjoy a breathtaking sea view, unique sky colours during sunset time and a memorable scenery under the moonlight and the stars. Spacious verandas where you can take pleasure in a tasty coffee, an imaginative cocktail or even a premium drink gazing the yachts. At night add to Akri's mix the boogie-worthy beats from guest Djs and you can be sure for a perfect night out. Adamas, Milos 84800, Greece +306945423605
Art House of Photography (Dimitris Tsirigotis)
Dimitris, born and raised in Athens, spent many years in the island of Milos. Being influenced by various photographers of different eras helps him fuse old and new elements together, in order to create a unique style in his work. Free-spirited and open-minded, considers his images his own creations, where he seeks to imprint a specific vision of the subjects he picks. His artwork have been exhibit in galleries in Florence, Milan, Como, Athens, San Francisco and several of his photos have been chosen and published by media and magazines all over the world.