Kayaking Tour to the secrets of Milos

Our tour starts from the beach of Fyriplaka and we head to the east, to the beaches of Tsigrado and Gerakas, along the volcanic coastline of Milos.

On our way, we will be paddling along beautiful small bays, into caves and around tiny islands.

Throughout this journey, we will swim in crystal-clear waters and, with the help of our snorkeling masks, we will explore the magnificent underwater world of Milos!

Keep your fingers crossed; we might even swim close to a sea turtle or visit a hidden volcanic beach if the weather conditions are favorable!

We will also be taking pictures, using our action camera, so you can keep the highlights of the tour and bring home the breeze of the Aegean Sea.

At every stop, we will enjoy a traditional, homemade treat to boost our energy! After exploring Gerakas we will paddle our way back, with our backpacks full of unforgettable experiences and memories.

General information:

Duration: 3 hours

Distance: 6,2km (3,85 miles)

Start: 10:00am

Level: Beginners

Age: 14 and above(without parental advisory)

Requirements: Mandatory swimming knowledge, basic physical condition

Min. guests per tour: 2

Max. guests per tour:5

More tips: In case of bad weather conditions you will be notified for a  change in time, day or place of the tour , for safety reasons. The alternative route starts from Madrakia, heads to Sarakiniko and Alogomadra and ends at Pachena beach.


Paddle by the beautiful landscape of the white volcanic perlite beaches

  • Explore caves
  • Discover hidden places
  • Swim in the turquoise waters
  • Take pictures with our action cameras
  • Taste homemade snacks

Take with you:

  • Swimming Suit
  • T-shirt
  • Hat
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses